High quality software develompent

Hello! We are Kenaro, a software development company that creates amazing and beautiful digital products.

Our engineers are highly skilled and have more than 10 years of experience in the industry.

We’ve worked on a variety of projects with a wide range of clients, each with a unique problem set and perspective.


Backend - Ruby on Rails

We know Rails – like, really well. Experience tells us that by using Ruby on Rails, we can rapidly get your products to market, while maintaining a high standard of code quality.

Frontend - React and Redux

React and Redux is our top choice for building the best client-side experience on a single-page application. React makes complex interfaces easy with small, reusable components, consistent behavior, and rich interactions.

Mobile applications - React Native

React Native gives our team the chance to write fast, native applications on Android and iOS in a single codebase while sharing large amounts of logic. This means we can ship faster to both platforms.


Some of our happy customers :)